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Children's Ministry

We place a great emphasis on children's ministry and instilling strong Biblical faith in them from a young age. Our nursery is fully staffed every service. We have age specific classes every Sunday service and each Wednesday night. With our own written Sunday school curriculum, our kids are taught structured Biblical doctrine from kindergarten all the way to  high-school age. Once a month, the children stay in service with the adults for our Family Sunday.

High School & College Ministry

Our REACH group meets every Wednesday and Sunday night. This class isn't limited to just Middle School-High School but anyone young at heart or young in the faith. We focus on foundational Biblical doctrine, discipleship, and practical Christian living. This class is challenging and often we have team competitions. We have many studies and opportunities outside of our services to promote fellowship and growth.


Whether you're new in the faith or a mature Christian, we have a class to help you grow in the faith. We have services for our mature Christians each Sunday and Wednesday. Every Sunday and Wednesday we have worship and Bible study. The Lord's Supper was foundational to the New Testament Church and we believe it is an important part of our service each Sunday.

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